Anlac Labels JSC commit to providing products, solutions and services brands perfection, constantly improving to always meet customer expectation.

Quality Goal:

Satisfy customers by 5 main goals:

- Stable quality

- Delivery on time

- Completion service

- Regular improvement

- Effective competition.

Quality Management System

In-house ERP (enterprise resource planning) helps Anlac Labels improve overall productivity and leverage quality management. ERP helps

- To streamline supply chain from purchasing, sales order processing, manufacturing, and inventory.

- To deliver work on time with better monitoring.

- To improve customer service when making faster decisions with easy-to-use reporting and analysis.

- To gain control over resource, cash flow, and accounting.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system

Demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements

Enhance customer satisfaction through the effective application of the systems, including processes for continual improvement of the system and the assurance of conformity to customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirement

ISO 14001:2004

In the spirit of “IMPROVE AND PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT”, we commit to build, implement and maintain ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System based on the following basic principles:

o Comply strictly legal regulation and other requirements relating with environmental aspects of the company.

o Always consider improvements in all operation, integrated range of objectives and implementing improvement programs aimed at completing environmental system.

o Protect the environment by better control of waste issues, resource and environmental problems through the implementation of control measures appropriate operating and effective monitoring.

o Strengthen environmental training and information to staffs and stakeholders; ensure resources meet the environmental management system.

o Anlac wish to contribute building better environment and lives.


Organize the work area to eliminate waste (time, resource, and human) that results from a poorly organized working area.

TPM - Total Productive Maintenance

Proactive and preventative maintenance to maximize the operational time of equipment.

Root cause analysis

Ensure that a problem truly eliminated by solving correct “root cause” of the problem after answering why question five times to discover the true underlying problem.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

Metrics designed to track and encourage progress of employees towards critical goals of our company.

Confidentiality Management:

Anlac assure to treat customer information as a trade secret and promise not to disclose the secret to others without proper authorization. The management system from R&D to delivery products through all departments controlling the confidentiality suitable for establishing any new products or promotions. Also the outdated products are destroyed completely and separated to the new versions to eliminate mix-up.

Anlac Labels always encourage and award employees proposing innovations that could improve management, technology, quality in work


Customer Service Request:

- Inform solutions for customers in the shortest possible time in order to satisfy customers’ requirement.

- Confidentiality Agreement: Confidential information of first launch product or promotion campaign will be held and maintained in confidence.

Risk Management:

- Contingency Plan prevents, responds, and recovers operation before unforeseen events or force majeure in order to maintain production for customer delivery.

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